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The State Library of

Hello, so I know I have not posted for a while, I have been really busy with other things, but I’m back now and going back to posting as often as I can.

on The 30th (Monday) I visited the state library. It was really cool, and I found out some cool info too. Any book or newspaper or form  of writing published in Victoria is sent to the state library, or sort of like every copy of the advertiser or women’s weekly, there all sent to the state library. The newspapers are transferred so you can read them off a computer or iPad or phone. There are also rare and interesting books and a cool dome that is one of the biggest domes in the world. You can not borrow a book from the state library, there is a book shop, but you can not borrow any books take them out and bring them back. You read them at the library.

I would recommend visiting this place if your ever in Melbourne, it is a cool, historic place that has books so it’s awesome 🙂


inky State Library Victoria

Hi! That's great that you came to visit! I love working at State Library!

4th Oct, 19

I love the State Library too! It's such a cool place to sit and read when I'm in the city and have time to fill. It's also kind of intimidating because it's super quiet and I don't know my way around at all. Do you often read newspapers? I feel like I should more than I do.

11th Oct, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Maybe next time you are in the city you could book a free tour of the library so you know your way around more? I work at the State Library and I get lost!

14th Oct, 19

In reply to inky

I did a free tour, then all the lifts broke down and we got stuck on level 4? A level that has no stairs, lol. I didn’t mind but my younger sister did

20th Oct, 19

We do the quiz in it? I don’t really read it at home, but it’s an activity at school, I’m more of a fiction fan tho :)

20th Oct, 19